Top Toys – Micro Scalextric James Bond 007

As I have been looking at other car based toys I decided that I was finally going to have a go with a Scalextric set. I don’t know why we have never had one before, maybe the price or maybe the fact that my kids have always seemed to be a little too young but with the introduction of the Micro Scalextric James Bond set that has come out to support the new James Bond film, Spectre, I asked if we could be sent one to try out.
The best thing about the Micro Scalextric set is that it doesn’t take up your whole floor space but it is still a big enough course that you have lots of fun racing. The instructions give you a few ideas on how to set the track up and once you have clicked everything together and plugged it in you can get going.
We decided on this looping track which gave us a long straight and we had lots of fun playing each other. Elizabeth was the best as she seemed to be able to grasp how quickly to go without causing her car to go flying off the corners. I have to admit I was quite rubbish as I kept getting too competitive and in my bid to win I kept flying off the track because I was going too fast.

The Micro Scalextric James Bond set comes with two cars, the Aston Martin DB5 and the Aston Martin DBS, both of which feature in the films. Elizabeth loved the DBS whereas I preferred the classic DB5.

 Scalextric is a timeless classic that is still modern enough to keep the kids entertained and is built to last. As it doesn’t require batteries it is a plug in and go toy that they can get out and play with whenever they want.