The Best Android Tablet in 2015

Android tablets are incredibly popular these days, and you can find a wide variety of prices and quality, with some lower-end models selling for as little as $40. Many manufacturers sell multiple versions of the same tablet, which makes it hard to know which one to buy when they have the same specifications. On top of that, although many tablets have the same sized screen, it really is the type of screen that determines the quality of a tablet.

At Dealspotr, we looked through tons of tablet reviews based on hardware performance and value to find the best Android tablet available.

The Tablet

The Nvidia Shield Tablet is the best Android tablet money can buy based on performance, features, and price. Features like the Tegra K1 processors, GRID game streaming service, and full HD display make the Nvidia Shield Tablet a great option for anyone looking to upgrade or buy a new tablet and set it apart from products made by popular manufacturers like Samsung, Dell, and ASUS.

One of the most universally celebrated aspects of the Nvidia Shield Tablet is its powerful Tegra K1 mobile processor, which provides incredibly fast performance, even for a tablet. A review of the Nvidia Shield Tablet from Digital Trends praised the 2.2GHz Quad Core processors for opening and closing applications incredibly quickly and called it “superfast at average, everyday tasks. Videos and apps loaded smoothly too.” Further testing shows that the Tegra processor is able to handily outperform tablets like the Nexus 9 and the Sony Xperia 72.

But what really sets the Nvidia Shield apart is its most unique feature: extremely strong GPU performance, which is rare in tablets. Users can play games available through the Google Play store and stream some of the hottest new video games through Nvidia’s GRID service, a feature that is exclusive to the Nvidia Shield. Ars Technica says that Nvidia Shield has “stellar gaming specs for the price,” and AnandTech says that “outside the tablet itself, the gaming features are compelling.”

Although it has a fast operating system and amazing graphics performance, the Nvidia Shield Tablet isn’t completely perfect. The most common complaint about the tablet, which is included in reviews from CNET, TechRadar, and Trusted Reviews, is that the controller that unlocks the user’s ability to play many of the games from GRID isn’t included with the tablet. If you want that accessory, you’ll have to pay an additional $60 per controller.

The other most common complaint is the relatively short battery life the tablet has when playing games. Although you can get 10 hours or more of battery life when using the Nvidia Shield for everyday use, playing games will drain the battery much faster, especially when using the GRID service. TechCrunch talked about the tablet’s battery life in its review, saying. “The battery life on the Shield tablet last around a full day under mixed use, but when you’re streaming or running even demanding Android games, you’re going to burn through it a lot quicker.”

There are lots of options for tablets in the same price range, like the nine-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Dell Venue 8, but the Nvidia Shield Tablet offers a lot more features. PC Magazine said it best when it summarized the tablet: “Nvidia Shield Tablet blows other tablets out the water…it’s genuinely impressive Nvidia could fit so much power and flexibility into an eight-inch tablet.” If you are in the market to upgrade or purchase a new tablet, the Nvidia Shield Tablet is definitely the best option. It retails for around $300 but can be had for much less by using coupons and promo codes at stores like Best Buy.