Top Toys – K-Force 6 in 1

I don’t know what it is about guns that kids love but it seems that they are a toy that will always  be popular. However buying a gun to play with might be fun but making your own is even better. I asked if I could be sent the K-Force Mega Boom Building set after I saw it at a few different toy events this year. The Mega Boom building set can be used to build 6 different models including targets.

We set about building the main model which can fire up to 75ft!

The set comes with 335 pieces including 7 bullets, two firing chambers and two handles. The set is for age 8 plus and I could see why as the instructions were not always clear. Although they get easier to read the more you build as with all K’nex sets.
The gun we made was absolutely huge and I struggled to fit it all in one picture. In fact, it was nearly the same length as the seat part of a two seater sofa! We are really looking forward to trying out some of the different models that we can build with this set.
This Christmas I would forget about the other toy gun companies available and buy something from the K-Force range as it provides the construction element as well as the ability to change your weapon when you feel like it! This is definitely a top toy for me this year.