Top Toys – Little Live Pets Clever Keet

When I first saw Little Live Pets Clever Keet I knew that it would be one of the top toys at Christmas and as the lists were released by Argos, Hamleys and Smyths I was not surprised to see Clever Keet featured.
We have reviewed a few of the Little Live Pets products and have always found them fun to play with and really good quality but Little Live Pets Clever Keet takes the technology to a whole new level.
With Little Live Pets Clever Keet it is not just the pet that is the appeal as the whole play set really adds value to the play  experience.  Clever Keet has five different contact points on the playset which each produce a different reaction. The bird takes 2 AAA batteries and you get demonstration batteries included which means that it will work straight out of the box.
When sat on the Swing Perch Clever Keet will be swing itself back and forth whilst chirping happily.
When on the Dance perch facing the mirror. Clever Keet will dance to its own music or ask you if you have any to play and it will dance to your music too.
Whilst on the hand perch Clever Keet will record what you say and repeat it back to you. You can remove the hand perch from the playset and carry it around with you.
When placed on the food/water perch  Clever Keet will tilt down and pretend to eat and drink.
What I think is the best thing about Little Live Pets Clever Keet is how it moves its kart. Clever Keet manages to self-propel itself forward on its kart in a way that the kids (and grown ups) absolute love.

Little Live Pets Clever Keet also has lots of different features as well as those mentioned above. You can give Clever Keet any name you want which it will then recognise, it will chatter to itself when left alone, you can pat it on its back to unlock more movements and sounds on most of the perches. You can also ask Clever Keet any yes or no questions.

Little Live Pets Clever Keet will almost certainly feature in some toy toys lists this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes hard to get hold of as you get closer to Christmas.

Clever Keet doesn’t require any special handling or skill and is fairly robust so is suitable for younger children who will be mesmerised by how Clever Keet responds to them and its surroundings. My only criticism is the fact that when removing Clever Keet from the contact perches you do sometimes have to use quite a bit of pressure which makes you think you might break it, this isn’t a problem as it is all very robust and I can imagine that this is something that will get easier as you play but it can be frustrating for the kids. I found that a pushing forward motion worked best when removing it rather than a pulling motion.