Happy Star Wars Reads Day! #StarWarsReadsDayUK

We love reading and we love Star Wars so when you add them together and give us Star Wars Reads Day I just knew we had to take part.
We were sent a variety of Star Wars books to add to our collection so we could join in with Star Wars Reads day today.

The first two books are from DK and are a great way of refreshing your memory on all that has happened in the last six films including some really cool facts. For example, did you know that on Forest Moon of Endor Ewoks are not the only native people. They are joined by Yuzzum who live on the plains . You see a Yussum at Jabbas palace singing as part of Max Rebo’s band.

As well as books full of information we were also sent a Starfighter workshop which allows you to build your very own starfighter and includes a story and puzzle book too.
The books I have been really impressed with are the Scholastic learning books which teach children all they need to learn but in fun Star Wars themed ways such as Ewok subtraction, Wookie multiplication and creative writing skills based on the Star Wars stories.
To get everyone in the mood for Star Was Reads Day you can download your very own Star Wars Day Activity pack which contains pages from a variety of different books . You can download your Star Wars Activity book here.
Now if you are interested in getting your kids into Star Wars books then I would definitely recommend that you have a look at Jeffrey Brown who has created some brilliant cartoon books such as Vader and son and Vader’s little princess which tell a comical story of Darth Vader as a father if he didn’t go over to the dark side and abandon his children.