Top Toys – I-Que Intelligent Robot

Developed by the people behind My Friend Cayla, I-Que Intelligent Robot is a cheeky robot that uses enhanced speech recognition to interact wth your child. Connected via bluetooth to the free downloadable app your child can play games with I-Que. I-Que does need wifi for some of his functions to work such as searching for information to answer questions. He does have a list of built in blocked words already integrated in the app which will prevent I-Que from answering a question however I have found that when using the app you can get I-Que to say whatever you want using the speech section so this is something to watch out for.
I-Que works in much the same way as My Friend Cayla with the app allowing you to play games together as well as go into program mode, take a trivia quiz  or even try the brain teasers.  I-Que also makes some rather disgusting noises which children think are hilarious and adds to his cheeky character.

I can see why I-Que is in the lists of top toys that are currently being published and I definitely think that he is a great bit of technology I just wish he had more movement capabilities as his limited movement seems to be a shame on such an awesome  looking robot. However this does not detract from how much fun the kids have had with him and I can definitely recommend him as one of the top toys this year.