The Popchips #GetPopped Challenge – Day Three – Mister Maker Live #Multipopchips

Day three of our Popchips challenge saw us head across the hills to Bradford where we had the chance to go and catch up with one of my friends Mister Maker and see his live show. We have been wanting to see Mister Maker Live for a while but every time the show came close we were busy so this time. As Gaming Daddy of Two was working we had a spare ticket so we took one of Alison’s friends with us instead.
The show was a fantastic combination of singing, dancing, crafting and audience participation and we absolutely loved  it. As the girls tucked into their popcorn and sweets I got out my Popchips. They have really helped me curb my snack cravings this week which should mean I see a good loss on the scales Thursday at Slimming World..
We had great fun watching the show and the girls particularly enjoyed it when the shapes came on stage.
The best bit of the day was getting to catch up with Mister Maker afterwards, Nothing like seeing the amazement in kids eyes when they realise one of their heroes knows your name! Alison’s friend must think I am the coolest mum in the world!
If you have children who love the Mister Maker show then I  would definitely recommend going to see Mister Maker Live. 

We had a great day together and really enjoyed day three of our Popchips Get Popped Challenge.