Halloween Costume conundrum

Every Halloween I come against a real conundrum about what to wear. I am still at the size that a normal sized costume won’t fit me and plus size ones are just hideous so buying off the rack can be a bit annoying. This year we will be at Butlins for Halloween so I need a costume that is family friendly and yet comfortable enough for me to be happy to wear it for a few hours. 

My love of Halloween has always been there but seen as we got married at Halloween six years ago I always feel as though we should put quite a bit of effort into our costumes. After all if I could get married with blood dripping from my head then I should be able to come up with something suitable to wear each year.

In the past I have opted for the easy option and just thrown a Nuns robe over the top of my normal clothes. This was great when we had plans to go out again later that evening as it meant I didn’t have to go out in costume.
 This year I am really struggling to think of something that isn’t too short or too tight but luckily Ladbrokes have come to the rescue with their Halloween Costume Generator. Using the Ladbrokes Halloween Costume Generator I was able to find a variety of ideas that might work. 

​What do you think of Godzilla? Maybe a bit too scary for the kids? Also not sure how easy it is to sit down in.

How about Big Baby? Its child friendly but not very flattering as I really don’t think pink is my colour.
Finally I found the costume I have been dreaming off, the one that the kids will love, suits my personality and is warm enough to be worn at the end of October. I give you the Storm Trooper costume!
I wouldn’t have thought about dressing up as a Star Wars character but now Ladbrokes have given me the idea thanks to their Halloween Costume Generator I will definitely go and see if I can get one of these costumes. Why don’t you have a go and see what costume is recommended for you?