The Box Trolls – Out now on DVD

I love films with underlying moral values and The Box Trolls has that in abundance. These ugly little trolls are not evil but instead they love recycling and fixing things. However the townspeople believe that they come in the night and steal babies and eat people.

We have loved The Box Trolls ever since we watched it at the cinema and the girls think it is wonderful. In fact when the toys were in McDonalds they wanted to keep going back just to add to their collection.

The story revolves around Egg a box troll like no other. You see he couldn’t hide inside his box because he wasn’t really a box troll, he was a boy. In fact he was the baby that the townspeople feared dead. Fish, one of the box trolls, had raise Egg like a son after his father was captured by Archibald Snatcher.

I am not going to give away any more of the story but it is a definite must see film that is great for all the family.