Disney Palace Pets Royal Pet Salon Game

Following on from our review of the Disney Princess Palace Pets Glitzy glitter range yesterday I thought it would be a good time to show you this fabulous game by Esdevium. Disney Princess Palace Pets Royal Pet Salon game is an easy to play game that requires excellent observation skills.
Setting up the board is easier than it looks and once you have chosen your character and set up your board it is time to get started. You lay out three cards face up, remove all sections from the timer frame and decide who is going to go first. We usually let the youngest go first but if you cant decide spin the spinner and the person who gets the largest number can go first.

On your turn you spin the spinner. If you get the frame you place a piece of the timer in the frame (when all four pieces have been placed the game is over). If the space you are on shows cards, turn that amount of cards over so everyone can see all the pictures. If the space has footprints on you can move through that many doors.

Using the cards you have to choose which room to go through and find the pictures that match the scenery. At the end of the game the person with the most cards is the winner.
The whole game is fantastic and fabulous quality but the best bit is the four fantastic Palace Pet figures that you use as counters. You have Teacup, Pumpkin, Treasure and Berry. When the girls don’t feel like playing the game they still set it up and play with the figures using their imagination instead.
A great game that we all love and it is great fun trying to find all of the pictures from the cards.