Tatty Teddy and my blue nose friends – introducing Denzil, Pandora, Soprano and Tatty Puppy. 

Its been a while since we received a new batch of Tatty Teddy and his blue nose friends and the girls were very excited with the new batch.

Introducing Denzil – The chilled komodo Dragon who’s calm in any crisis. When the heat is on Denzil always stays cool.
Introducing Pandora – The beautiful pearl oyster who loves to hide. If you can find her, she’ll dazzle you with surprises.
Introducing Soprano – The pint-sized Shetland pony who loves to sing with friends because everything’s better in harmony!
Introducing Tatty Puppy – The loveable pup who’s on a mission to make you laugh. Watch out for those cheeky pranks!
We love meeting Tatty Teddys new friends and Tatty Puppy is definitely a firm favourite out of this batch.