Mad fun at Madame Tussauds Blackpool

Now don’t get me wrong but I always thought Madame Tussauds was boring, a place for grown ups and soppy teens to stare at wax works of their idols. I never realised that Madame Tussauds could be fun. Last week I took the girls along to the Madame Tussauds in Blackpool to see what they thought and I was really surprised. Considering most of the wax works meant nothing to them due to their age and the fact that we hardly watch grown up tv they were still really impressed with the interactive displays. The first area we entered was the Big Night In, a showcase of evening TV. They didnt know any of the models yet they really enjoyed the displays from pressing buttons on Celebrity Juice to answering questions on who wants to be a millionaire we tried it all. Next up was Lifestyle TV where we dressed up in frocks recommended by Gok Wan and cooked up a storm with Jamie Oliver.
We skipped through Crime Drama as they hopped up the escalator too quickly to stop them and we landed ourselves straight into docu drama and I’m a celebrity. Alison absolutely loved climbing rocks with Bear Grylls and pretending to eat bugs with Ant and Dec but then again it’s Alison so I am not really surprised! We also got to learn a fair bit about frogs with David Attenborough so educational and fun!
We climbed through the jungle maze and then went to play some sports. We headed through the football locker room, not huge fans of football they had a look around and then moved on fairly quickly yet I can imagine that if they were into football this area would be fantastic as it looks like a dressing room with lots of details to see. In the Sports room the girls loved throwing soft balls at the darts board for it to shout “One Hundred and Eighty!” and hitting the golf ball in the hole was followed by lots of cheers. After this we had a well earned rest in the Rovers Returns where you can actually enjoy a real drink. Drinks are available at the entrance desk for £2 each no matter what you order or you can buy at the bar which could end up costing you more if you are buying an alcoholic drink. We didn’t need a drink and the girls had already spotted the music area so I was quickly ushered into the next area.

Considering that the girls didn’t know any of the artists on display (Michael Jackson, Peter Andre, Leona Lewis, Jamiroquai, Freddie Mercury and Lady Gaga . . . I might have forgotten a few) they still had a brilliant time. From trying on lots of different hats to playing drums with Freddie Mercury this was the area they enjoyed the most.
We passed through the behind the scenes making of the models as the girls were a bit creeped out by this section, I think the bald wax head of Alan Carr is enough to freak anyone out! After a quick diversion in the mirror maze where we got lost we headed through the best of British area where the girls refused to meet the Queen. We were heading down the stairs when we got to meet a wax version of Sooty and Sweep hidden away in the corner. Not as cheeky as the real ones I was glad to see no water guns or cream pies in sight! This was a real highlight for the girls as we have met the real Sooty a few times so they finally saw someone they recognised.
We passed through the comedy room where the girls had a brief look around and then headed to the highlight of the attraction. Bob the Builder, Shrek and Spiderman were all there to greet the girls and they absolutely loved it! We could have spent hours in this one area alone playing imagination games building with Bob the builder in their hard hats or hiding in the tree stump with Shrek and Gingy.
However nothing compares to the look on Alison’s face when she saw Spiderman on the wall and being able to take a photo home as a souvenir was just perfect for her.
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Madame Tussauds Blackpool and I will now make sure we go and visit the one in London to see what they have on display too. Alison actually enjoyed this so much she asked to go back the next day too!