Frankie and Bennys – New menu, new perceptions

Tomorrow Frankie and Bennys are launching a new menu and I have to tell you something, it is delicious! We have not been to Frankie and Bennys for many years after a family meal went wrong due to slow service and cold food. We were not sure that we wanted to go back but the chance to see what had changed twisted my arm.

On Saturday we were lucky enough to visit our local Frankie and Bennys and get a sneak peak at the new menu and a £50 voucher to order what we wanted. Now the whole menu has undergone a overhaul with menu items being dropped, some being tweaked and new items being added and it isn’t just the adults menu that has changed.

The childrens menu has been made smaller which is definitely a good thing as too much choice just makes life harder as a parent. I really liked the fact that the meals came in two sized kids and juniors, this allows you to gage how hungry your child is and order appropriately with out wasting food. We ordered Elizabeth a Junior portion of spaghetti bolognese which came with garlic bread and corn on the cob and Alison has a kids cheeseburger and fries.
We decided to ask the waitress for recommendations and pointers on what was new to the menu and for starters there were a few options and we opted for the amazing skins sharing platter which contained 6 potato skins 2 of each flavour. We were able to select the flavours as we chose Pulled pork, Louisiana chicken and Cheese & bacon. All three were amazing but the pulled pork ones were definitely my favourite.
For our main courses we opted for the recommended items.

Adam had Blackened Steak Skewers served Medium rare which came with fries, corn on the cob, coleslaw and a bbq sauce. He would normally have steak blue or rare but went with the recommended medium rare and really enjoyed it. The bbq sauce had a nice kick to it and really enhanced the flavour and the steak was well cooked with the edges nicely blackened whilst still being rare in the middle.
I went for the Chicken Pitta and opted for their new marinade chilli and lime. The pitta contained a whole chicken breast which was flattened and cut in two, it also had some salad leaves. The meal came with fries, corn on the cob and coleslaw.  The chicken could have been placed inside the pitta better to make it easier to eat but this was not a huge problem. I did find the marinade slightly sweet but then I love a good old kick up the backside when it comes to chilli and the waitress informed me that had she known she would have recommended the louisiana dressing. she actually went and got me some from the kitchen and it was amazing so it is definitely worth asking the question to your waitress if you are not sure. That being said if you love sweet chilli and not too much spice then the chilli and lime dressing would be perfect for you. The meal was lovely and light and I would definitely order this again.
After main course it fell to puddings. The childrens menu has also had some changes to the puddings with a new addition of a waffle in chocolate sauce and a fruit salad being added. It is great to see fruit being placed on the menu and it would always be a popular choice with my girls.
The adults dessert menu had a few items removed which helped slimline it and some seasonal favourites such as the salt caramel cheesecake have not been placed on the menu full time as has warm apple pie, blueberry eton mess and peanut butter cheesecake. At the mention of peanut butter I have to say i stopped listening and OMG what an amazing piece of cheesecake!

The Cheesecake was light and flavoursome without being too sickly or heavy like some peanut butter products can be, to top it off it was served with a lightly flavoured peanut butter ice cream which is just to die for and I would really like a hige tub of it in my freezer to eat whenever I want.
Adam ordered the Blueberry Eton Mess which was fruity and delicious with the meringue working nicely against the blueberries.
For a family of four to eat three courses and have a few drinks each it came to just under seventy four pounds which was a really good deal considering the amazing quality of the food.

We would definitely look at going back soon and with the dads eat free on fathers day promotion it may be sooner rather than later.