Takker – Changing my life!

Ok so maybe changing my life might be an exaggeration but Takker has definitely changed my home. We have lived in this house for three and a half years and I have always been annoyed at the inability to hang pictures. As it is a new build house the walls are basically made out of paper and any nails we put in fall out really quickly.

I saw Emmys Mummy’s review of the Takker and I knew I had to try it so I was very happy when they agree to send it to me. The Hardwall Takker came with a variety of hooks to use and I soon went about testing it out.

The Takker is very simple to use, it has a drill bit inside and when you turn the handle and push against the wall the drill makes the whole and the container catches any dust. The hole is the perfect size and depth for one of their wall plugs and you even use the side of the container to insert the wall plug.

It really is amazing and quick too! I managed to hang all of these pictures in around 30 minutes and I absolutely love what it has done to my staircase.

I also used the takker to hang some Christmas decorations but I ran out of wall plugs before I had completely covered the house in pictures. Its ok though as I have just ordered some more!