Can you help save Christmas for kids with cancer?

Christmas might be cancelled for families of children with cancer after Malcolm Sargent House in Prestwick was struck by lightening during last weeks “weather bomb”. Gaming daddy of two and the girls were all up there enjoying time away from home when the lightning storm struck the chimney, blew the lights and burst pipes within the house. All the families were immediately evacuated to a nearby hotel for the remainder of the break as the building was deemed unsafe.

The lightning caused structural damage which has seen the building still closed as I type. This lead Clic Sargent who run the holiday house to cancel this weeks speciality break for bereaved families, turning away 35 guests. 

Whilst building work is currently underway the real issue is whether the house will be fit for the arrival of the Christmas guests who are due to arrive on Monday. With water damage expected in many of the rooms there is currently no way of knowing just how much it is all going to cost to repair and without your help the house may not open for Christmas at all.

You can donate on the Malcolm Sargent House Justgiving page here

Please do help. The work they do is amazing and every little really will make a difference.

Pictures of our time at Malcolm Sargent House in May 2014