Sylvanian families – a key to imaginative play

We have always loved Sylvanian families, the cute little animal characters, the gorgeous clothes with fabulous attention to detail and the houses, boats, mansions and schools (plus lots more) that really bring the world to life with their tiny props and realistic settings.

When Sylvanian Families asked me if the girls would like to review a set I had no idea it would once more spark the imagination and co-operative play that they enjoyed a few years ago. We have a huge amount of Sylvanian Families from a previous obsession close to Christmas 2011 but at the years have worn on and more toys came into the house we have found the Sylvanian Families pushed further behind the other toys with the smaller items being lost and none of the characters wearing their clothes any more.

However the girls have got older and more respectful of their toys and the new additions have ignited that joy, made them dig deep for the other characters and playsets that they have squirrelled away in their rooms and a new love of Sylvanian Families has been born again.

Hamster Family

Meet the Hamster Family. The Hamiltons consisting of (from left to right) George, Huckleberry, Hilda and Jane. They are a very respectful looking family and they can usually be found in the Forest Nursery so the children can play although I prefer to think it is so the parents can have a rest. As with all Sylvanian families the clothes are extremely well made with easy velcro fastenings that allow children to remove the characters clothes with ease, something all children seem to love doing. The figures themselves are robust and no amount of tugging is allowing me to remove any of the limbs thus ensuring they are safe for children to play with.

Bluebell Seven Seater

I think Hilda may be adding a few more babies to the family with the purchase of the Bluebell seven seater. Huckleberry had better watch out though because with three baby car seats it looks like she might be expecting triplets. The Bluebell seven seater comes with three baby car seats and lap belts (small elastic bands), one fold flat seat that can be turned into a bed and one rigid back seat. It is great for moving the seats around and really is a perfect car for the larger family and with the included map and guide book hopefully the Hamilton family won’t be getting lost anytime soon.

The Bluebell seven seater rear doors open but the front ones don’t however with the open top roof that is not a problem. The car is robust, adaptable and everything a sylvanian family could wish for!