Fed up of feeling fat

For the last few weeks I have worn stretchy pants. 

The buttons on even my biggest jeans are refusing to meet and my waistline is looking more like the equator every day. I remember all the “your mums so fat” jokes from school and just want to hide myself away. 

Ok I know I am not super huge but I am the biggest I have ever been and yes it has been one hell of a summer but I want to wear my clothes in fact I want to throw my clothes away because they keep falling down. I want to be thinner. 

I know I can do it, I mean I have blogged countless times about losing weight. Thinking Slimmer helped me stop pigging out and start running a few years back and then last January I decided to pull myself together and lost two stone on Slimming world. 

Unfortunately I didn’t lose it for long and it seems to have come back and brought some friends with it. 

So this is me putting my foot down and declaring war on my waistline and I am lucky enough to be doing it with the help of Russell Hobbs. I am just waiting for a delivery of the new Purifry and soup maker which should be with me this week. Following the Weight Watchers Simple start programme and with the help of my new kitchen gadgets I am hoping that I can really give myself a kick up the backside whilst still living my life, enjoying my restaurant reviews ( I even said no to a free pudding in F&B’s the other night!) and even the odd glass or wine or piece of chocolate. 

I have decided to visualise my goal. There are 14 weeks until Christmas so I could easily lose 2 stone by then, right? and who knows maybe I will surprise myself and lose even more.