Dear Skinny Minny

Dear Skinny Minny

It has been twelve long years since I saw you, looking so tiny in your size ten trousers spending the days thinking you were fat. That inch of skin you could squeeze on your belly tormenting you as you fell asleep at night. 

You may not realise it but you were gorgeous and people all around you were jealous, jealous of the amount of beer you could drink, the kebabs you stuffed your face with and your complete disregard to how many calories you might have be consuming. That inch of skin maybe bothering you but its not stopped you living your life. 

Unfortunately you are only 18 once and it seems the metabolism switch got stuck on slow when you turned 18. Medical issues caused you to pile on weight which you vow to lose and have never managed. I remember your shock at 21 weighing in at 13 stone, how disgusting you felt. Imagine your terror at 26 weighing in at 15 stone and the poor horror you face at 30 tipping the scales over 17 stone. 

We wont go through that again because I know I can find you somewhere. I know that if I look hard enough I will be able to see you again. It is going to be tough, sacrifices will have to be made, you may hate me as much as I hate myself but I will find you or at least a healthier more rounded you. 

A you that doesn’t have to worry about whether the trousers will do up when you put them on. A you that sits on a plane and doesn’t breathe in to do the seatbelt up because she doesn’t want to ask for a fat persons extension belt.  

I know you are there and I am coming to find you. You can’t hide much longer.


Far too Fat