Swell pets stores Kitten provisions

Some of you may remember that we got kittens back in April and the complete disaster I had when I ordered the kittens a scratching post of Amazon. Since then I have been rather put off with buying them another one but they have already destroyed the small one and they were starting to look longingly at my sofa’s whilst flexing their claws.

Luckily for me Swell Pets came to my rescue. They offered me £50 to spend on whatever I wanted for the Kittens on their site. Now I never expected £50 to get me very far, especially when a decent scratching post costs around £25-£30. Thankfully I was wrong.

With the £50 I managed to buy a Pink scratching post £8.80, a pink cat carrier £34.99 and a fabulous cat toy £4.95 that has been driving them crazy since it arrived. They were all such amazing bargains and I really struggled to narrow it down from all the brilliant things available on the site. I will definitely be going onto the Swell Pets website next time I need something for the kittens rather than looking on amazon.