Disney Princess Ariel Vanity set


Sometimes getting the girls to have a bath can be a real issue, for the last month that has not really been a problem. What has been a problem is getting them out again and getting them to wash off all of the make up they were wearing.

The Disney Princess Ariel Vanity bath set comes with a lipstick, cream blusher, cream eye shadow and a perfume bottle shaped squirter. With a suction pad to stick it to the tiles in the bathroom it has been a real hit.

I have loved watching the girls play together, painting their own faces and each others. This is one toy that they have been able to share nicely and it is always such a shame to remind them that they should be washing their faces not making them worse. All the makeup washes off easily it really has made bath time fun.

One issue I had is that the makeup melts easily so when it was delivered on a particularly hot day the eye shadow had leaked slightly from the tub. It wasn’t ruined but did make it look less special when in the box so I wouldn’t recommend ordering it for delivery in the middle of a heat wave. Other than that it was a huge hit and one that has stayed in use for a whole month more than I can say for most of the girls toys. Most things get replaced when the next great toy comes through the door but the Ariel Vanity set has to be beaten.