Sweet gifts for all occasions


I have been looking every where for an alternative Christmas present, something I could give as stocking fillers or just small gifts for teachers and nurses.

I was thinking about making snowman soup or tree decorations but then I was approached by All Occasion Sweet shop. All of a sudden I had a great idea.

My plan was to create little gift bags full of all the sweets I enjoyed as a child. They have a great retro sweets section to choose from or I could even use some of the Sweet Jars to make the gift bags. I have decided that one of the sweet hampers would make a great gift for the whole ward in the hospital instead of individual gift bags for the nurses and that way they can share them with the kids too.

I still had to think about the teachers at Alison’s school but you know me I am crap at crafts hence the distinct lack of crafty posts on my blog. Why go to all the hassle to make gift bags when the Wedding sweets category and the Party sweets category have ideal pre-made gifts that I could give.

You know if you are like me and you love sweets, and your kids love sweets, and your hubby loves sweets, you may as well look at the wholesale sweets section instead because I reckon one of those jars will disappear pretty quickly in this house.

I wasn’t paid for this post but I have been promised a very large jar of Retro sweets to help to settle my sweet tooth for at least a week.

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