The blog post I dreamt I wrote

All of you bloggers out there are you ever convinced you wrote a post because you remember the words you used and the annoyance at how slow it was to upload the photos? Do you remember ensuring your links were there and then rereading it to ensure it read correctly?So why when I searched my blog could I not find the blog post that I just know I wrote? I then started to think a bit more, I don’t remember the TV being on, or the kids annoying me or even Hubby playing his PS3 in the background. Basically I was so convinced that I had written this post that actually I never did it. I must have dreamt the whole thing!

It was only when I found the photos in my “still to be blogged” folder on my desktop that I started to question myself. Had I really written it? Is it in my drafts? Was it all in my imagination?

So three and a bit weeks later I will now finally blog about the Manchester Literacy Festival and how we met Cerrie Burnell and her daughter and had a cuddle with Alex Winters again.