The tiger came for tea and then we went on a bear hunt.


On Sunday 21st October we went along to Manchester Town Hall for the Manchester Literacy Festival.

The reason we were going is right there in the photo to your left, Cbeebies presenters Cerrie Burnell and Alex Winters were reading stories for the children.

When Elizabeth was in hospital Cbeebies was the only channel she was able to watch on her TV and having those familiar faces there smiling and happy ever day made Elizabeth happy (even if it did make me slightly homicidal).

We had met Alex quite a few times during the summer and we even saw him the week before we realised Elizabeth was ill. Seeing Alex on Cbeebies was a brilliant boost for her and she enjoyed telling all the other sick children that it was Her Alex on the TV.


When we got out of hospital Elizabeth didn’t really smile, she didn’t play with toys and she didn’t want to do anything. The first time I saw her smile was right there listening to Alex reading “The Tiger who came for tea” and the little cuddle she had at the end of the day was definitely a highlight even though she wouldn’t dream of telling him that.


We have seen Alex at a few of these events and being a father of three he is pretty good at making the kids do as they are told.

The highlight of the day for me was watching Alex try not to laugh at Cerrie’s attempts to ignore the children who were not doing as they were supposed to be doing. As she read her story they slowly creeped onto the stairs or tried to climb onto the stage.

As you can see from this photo he was really trying but it wasn’t working and it really was quite funny to watch.

Parents, in future control your children and Cerrie, no-one will be annoyed if you tell the little angels (not my first choice of word) to sit on the floor like all the other children. Although your beautiful daughter is obviously the exception, she is just gorgeous and it was great to see her again at the Cbeebies Panto (but that is a different blog post altogether). 

There was lots of other things going on at the Manchester Literacy Festival including authors, crafts and a little market but Alex and Cerrie were definitely our highlight.