Star Wars Month – Day Twenty Five – LEGO

I couldn’t talk Star Wars products without looking at the amazing array of Star Wars lego that is available. The new Force Awakens film is responsible for soem completely awesome lego sets and due to the competition for product I believe they are really well priced too.
Rey’ speeder is one of the lower priced sets in the range and comes with two figures and accessories. It is a vehicle that I expect will feature near the beginning of the film and will help tell us more abotut Rey. The set is brilliant as it as great playability with the side panels opening.
The set I have been really impressed with though is the Millenium Falcon. Coming in at the same price as the toy version that was in the Dream Toys list I think that the quality of this build and the attention to detail makes it the superior choice. The Millenium falcons roof can be lifted off to allow access to the interior of the ship which allows a whole new dimension of play and with 6 characters figures plus BB-8 you can act out lots of scenes from the movie. This is definitely a set where I would consider getting the kragle out as I would want it to stay together forever. Definitely a good purchase this Christmas.