Just So Festival – A family festival full of make your own fun

In the summer we went to a few different festivals as a family from one day events, big music festivals and smaller family festivals. It was really good to see that each festival was completely different and I had really high expectations for Just So Festival after going to The Lost Carnival which is created by the same people.

As it was our first time at Just So Festival we didnt get as involved in the tribes as we will next year as we didnt really understand it but whilst we were there we chose to be Foxes and helped to gather the gold pebbles to help the Foxes get a bigger score. Each tribe has a chant to learn and many of the attendees were also dressed as their tribal animals which adds to the festive spirit.

One of our favourite things to do  was to visit the bureau de change where the exchange rates were always changing and every now and then you would get a special gold pebble which would help your tribes score.
There were so many different areas to explore which each had their own themes. Just So Festival is set in a huge natural area full of hills to roll down, forests to explore and fields to run around in.
We met many weird and wonderful characters on our adventures and enjoyed a  whole lot of street theatre which was definitely the highlight of our time there.
As well as the scheduled shows that took place on a variety of stages across the festival there were also lots of things that you could walk around and find such as the circus skills and the variety of craft activities.
We made fairy houses, fairy wands and danced with the fairies. at the fairy ball.  We balanced stones, played giant battleships and created our own special lanterns. We heard campfire stories, watched puppet shows, made clay faces for the trees and even sat in armchairs in the middle of the forest. We drummed, we danced, we hit each other with pillows but most of all we stepped away from the tv and the ipads and spent an amazing weekend as a family creating our own fun in an environment where no one could ever say they were bored.