Teaching an old dog new tricks

Yesterday I headed along the the Black Sheep Wools shop and craft barn to support them in a learn to crochet lesson. I have worked with Black Sheep Wools for the last few years at Blog On so I wanted to go along for myself to see the shop and how they work. Now I am absolutely useles at crafts so I really wasnt expecting to actually learn anything but I decided to give it a go anyway. The lesson was hosted in the Black Sheep Wools craft barn and we were taught by Melanie from Rowan Knits

We were provided with some beautiful Rowan Cotton yarn to use and borrowed hooks from the Black Sheep Wools teaching kits. 

To begin with we learnt how to create a chain. I found this really hard to begin with as I just couldnt get used to holding the yarn properly however after a while I ignored the instructions and changed how I was holding it and found something that was comfortable for me. Always the rebel. 

We then moved on to learn double crochet and treble crochet before being taught how to do a granny square. Now this is where it all fell in to place. It seems that I can make Granny Squares easily. I cant promise I will be able to make anything but Granny Squares but they are pretty versatile so I should be ok. 
By the end of the day I had made a bracelet and a small granny square as well as being taught how to read a pattern and work out which hook to use. 
Before I left I grabbed myself some yarn and a crochet hook expecting that I would get bored pretty soon but last night when i should have been working I managed to do the below piece. Both the girls have now requested that I create blankets for their teddy bears so I may be doing this for sometime but I find it really relaxing. I am not yet at the stage where I am happy to do small squares and crochet them together but I am sure that confidence will come in time and then I will start experimenting with different yarn, hooks and patterns.

You can see some of the free patterns on the Black Sheep Wools website including instructions on how to do double and triple crochet which I have bookmarked in case I need reminding at any point. I am really not very creative at all so the fact that I am able to create something that I am proud of is fantastic and for now I think I have caught the crochet bug.  

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