Star Wars Domino Express R2D2 auto dealer

I wanted to feature the Star Wars Domino Express sets during the Star Wars month feature I ran in November but I didnt manage to get hold of them in time but I have now received the R2D2 auto dealer which I want to share with you.

When I was little I loved lining dominos up and knocking them all down again but we never had anything that coud do it for you.

The R2D2 auto dealer comes with 50 dominos and allows you to create curves or straight lines of dominos by flipping a switch on the base.

The Dominos sit in the black carrier in the top of R2D2’s head. It was trick to put the dominos in to ensure they were all flat but this got easier once I had worked out how to do it. To start and stop R2D2 you need to press the button at the bottom on the front which can be a bit tricky depending on the track you are making.

The R2D2 auto dealer makes building domino tracks quick and easy and nowhere near as frustrating as they were when we were kids. We have loved using it and the girls have both enjoyed knocking all the dominos over again and again.

I would like to say that it doesnt work well on carpet but that is pretty obvious as dominos cant really stand up on the carpet anyway. It worked brilliantly on the laminate flooring and on the dining room table.