Back with a bump and two Turkeys to cook!

Ouch Jet Lag hurts a lot! This morning we landed at 8am after an amazing two weeks full of fun and adventures in Florida which I can’t wait to tell you about but my first job today was to clear my inbox and face the reality that I have to cool two Christmas dinners in the next week and  I didn’t even have a pint of milk in my fridge when we came back.

After basically deleting all of the emails I have received in the last two weeks (which was really therapeutic actually) I was down to just fifteen that actually need me to do some work for.  I then sat and started to do my online shopping to restock my fridge, freezer and cupboards with the essentials and luxuries that Christmas requires. 

This weekend we have our traditional Christmas Dinner with friends which is always a lavish affair full of far too much food  and drink and a food coma that seems to last the whole weekend. As there will only be four adults and two kids I decided that although we need Turkey it really would be a waste to get a whole one and I didnt really need a crown either so I have opted for a rolled Turkey breast which should be perfect for us. I have never cooked one of these before though so I hope it turns out ok. 

On Christmas Day I need to cook a whole turkey and trimmings for around 10 people  so the pressure is on for this one. I haven’t actually been responsible for a turkey for this many people for a while and I need to cook it and then transport it  which adds to the preparation. I was trying to decide what turkey to get as I love a norfolk black but some people find the taste too strong so I was looking at the Donald Russell Turkey Guide at the different types of breeeds available ( I also learnt how to actually carve a turkey which I didnt know how to do!)

Now for me Christmas is not about the presents but about having family all around you and eating the best meal of the year so the pressure is really on. With the perfect turkey, all of the trimmings, crispy roast potatoes, lots of veg and a delicious pudding to finish it all of it really is the meal I look forward to the most all year.

What I have learnt from inviting friends round is that different people expect different items on their Christmas dinner so I would love to know what you see as an essential on your plate at Christmas. 

My Christmas dinner would include

Sausages wrapped in bacon
Cranberry Sauce
Brussel Sprouts
Honey roasted parsnips
Crispy roast potatoes
Cabbage or spring greens

Am I missing anything? What do you have?