Squishmallows – Super cute, Super Squishy, Super collectable

Squishmallows have been taking the US by storm and now Hexbug has brought them over to the UK and we were lucky enough to be gifted all 13 of the first wave of super cute Squishmallows characters.

The Squishmallows characters are around 7.5 inches tall and feature an extremely soft plush outer layer as well as cute character designs. Called Squishmallows as they squish like marshmallows the kawaii style design will make these a sort after collectable this year.

Each of the Squishmallow characters have their own cute personalities which you will find below

CAMERON the CAT loves boxes and skateboards. He also enjoys beaches and taking cat naps.

DANNY the DINO loves board games and solving puzzles as well as playing outdoor sports.

SIMON the SLOTH enjoys playing video games especially virtual reality games.

MILA the ELEPHANT loves cooking and getting creative with her recipes.

PUFF the PENGUIN is a little bit obsess with technology and loves coding and surfing the internet.

GARY the GIRAFFE loves running and aspires to become an Olympian.

FIFI the FOX loves adventures and is always looking for her next adventure.

RANDY the RACOON loves rock climbing and going on outdoor adventures.

HANS the HEDGEHOG enjoys watching movies and eating new foods.

HOOT the OWL loves to read and study books. He is also a great singer but very shy.

ESMERELDA the RAINBOW TIE DYE UNICORN is very creative and loves making art and inspiring positivity.

TIM the ALAPACA loves playing guitar and wants to tour the world playing in a band.

ASTRID the PURPLE UNICORN is dreamer and loves looking up at the stars and spending her time socialising.

All of the Squishmallows characters are really adorable and it is hard to choose a favourite but I certainly have a soft spot for Simon the Sloth