So Slime Tie Dye slime kit

We were sent the So Slime Tie Dye set from Canal toys. This set is a great starting set for kids who want to play with slime but with parents who don’t want as much mess and the reason for this is that the So Slime Tie Dye slime kit has premade slime so all you need to do is add the decorations and colour.

In the So Slime Tie Dye kit, you receive a transparent slime pot, 2 resealable transparent slime packets, 3 colours, 4 sachets of glitter and a stirrer.

I would have preferred if all of the slimes came in pots rather than bags as it is easier to keep them afterwards but the bags are quite robust.

The three colours that are in the set are blue, red and yellow. When added to the slime you only need a small amount to creates a very vivid colour. The picture below is just two drops of red and two drops of blue.

You can mix the colour into the slime using the stirrer or with your fingers. The more you mix the more the colours mix together and the tie die changes.

Alison wants me to point out that she would actually class this as putty and not slime which is really a good point. The transparent slime used in this set is not runny or sticky and has much more of a putty texture which I actually prefer as it is easier to clean and doesn’t get everywhere.

There are lots of different So Slime sets available where you mix your own slime by adding water (such as the So Slime DIY Slime’licious slime station or the cheaper So Slime DIY Slime Shakers) but I definitely prefer this one. Not only was it easy to clean up afterwards but the colours produced in the slime looked amazing.