Keeping kids occupied with So Slime DIY

I don’t know about your kids but Alison is obsessed with Slime so these So Slime DIY Slime Glam Slime Shakers are absolutely perfect for her. We were sent these for the purpose of this post.

The So Slime DIY Slime Glam Slime Shakers come in packs of three and require you to add water. Each of the containers contains a fragranced slime powder and a decorations pack which you can use. The lids all fit securely which is really good.

You need to add the powder and then pour water up to the mark on the inside of the container. Stir briefly then close the lid and shake. The instructions mention a stirrer but there wasn’t one in the box so we used the end of a teaspoon.

We found that the slime did have a couple of lumps in it but these soon disappeared as she played with the slime and we put it down to us not mixing properly.

The containers all look different and each of them has a different fragrance which are detailed on the back of the box.  Our favourite ones were passion fruit, rose and cherry. As well as different flavours each pot contained a different type of decoration that varied from gems to confetti, beads to glitter. You can use these in the pot they came in or mix and match to get creative.

I like the fact that each of these came in their own little pots as this helps to keep it all neat and tidy as otherwise she takes my Tupperware pots and uses those.

There are a variety of So Slime DIY sets available which have a variety of input needed. Next week we are taking a look at the So Slime Tie Dye set which comes with premade slime and you add colours to it.