How to Clean a Light Carpet at Home?

One of the most difficult and tiring household duties is putting in order light carpets, which show even the slightest pollution. To accomplish the desired goal and know how to clean a white carpet at home, you should follow the carpet cleaning recommendations.

The Specifics of Caring for White Coatings

In order to enjoy the pristine beauty of your light carpet, follow these simple recommendations on how to maintain it:

  • Do not postpone domestic carpet cleaning. This is best to be done once a week. Regular steam carpet cleaning and vacuuming will help whiten the carpet and keep its presentable appearance as long as possible.
  • During winter, don’t forget to the carpet outside. Leave it on the snow and knock it out. It will become fresh, white and clean!
  • After deep carpet cleaning, do not place the carpet immediately on the floor – let it dry. It is also helpful to change its position periodically in order to prevent deformation from placing heavy pieces of furniture on it.
  • Try removing the stains immediately after their appearance. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult to do.
  • To avoid shrinkage, use slightly warm water. Never use hot water when you clean the carpet because you can deform it.
  • After carpet cleaning at home, thoroughly clean the remaining cleaning agents with a brush. Natural drying will help prevent deformation of the carpet.
  • Whitening and cleaning can be performed both by professional carpet cleaning companies and by yourself at home. If you decide to take care of the carpet on your own, you have to be very careful as you can spoil the pile, deform the structure, give unwanted yellowness, dissolve the glue.

Whitening a White Carpet with Improvised Means

Changing the colour or slight darkening of a light carpet can be removed using professional carpet cleaning products offered by cleaning companies and stores selling cleaning equipment.

Home-made cleaning products can be as effective as professional means. If you know the right cleaning techniques and you have the patience to perform carpet cleaning yourself, you can achieve amazing results without spending extra money on carpet cleaning services. However, keep in mind that hot water extraction carpet cleaning for sure will help you maintain your carpet clean, fresh and free of bacteria!

If you want to try to refresh the carpet on your own, take 2 cups of lukewarm water, 2 tbsp. 9% table vinegar, and a cap of wool care product. Apply the mixture with a spray gun, leave it to act for a while and then – wipe the pile with vinegar water using a soft brush.

Domestic carpet cleaning is recommended to be carried out with vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner at home, you’d better turn for help to professionals. Carpet steam cleaning has turned to be one of the most effective methods for whitening a light carpet, and is used by most of the carpet cleaning companies in London! However, this cleaning method is not suitable for all types of carpets, and if you do not know whether you can use it on your specific carpet, you have to consult professionals.

In addition to that, carpet manufacturers recommend using deep carpet cleaning services minimum once a year. With ordinary vacuuming at home, you cannot achieve the same results! The main purpose of vacuuming is removing the surface dirt from the carpet. It is not intended for deep cleaning of the carpet. Vacuuming cannot remove bacteria and allergens. When you perform domestic carpet cleaning do not forget to open widely the windows at home.