Scruffs Vintage Speaker Hoodie

I received the Scruffs Speaker Hoodie with the intentions of writing an exercise related post, hopefully I could tie it in with my preparations for the Manchester 10K Run.  Unfortunately, it was not a hoodie that I wanted to wear whilst training in the warm weather.  In any event, the hoodie has mostly been worn by GamingDaddyof2 as he really loves the novelty of listening to music through the speakers built into the hood.

So is this a hoodie that can be worn whilst doing something as vigorous as running?  The short answer is no.  The reason being is that trying to listen to music through the hood’s speakers, which can sway back and forth when running, loses it’s appeal very quickly.  I just felt like going back home and grabbing my running earphones so I could fully appreciate my music.  It’s quite obvious that the people who manufacture the hoodie are not the same people who provide the earphones or speakers.  But I suppose that if you can put the whole thing in the washing machine (earphones and speakers!), then the quality of the sound will suffer slightly.  I’d like to see whether a pair of Dr. Dre “Beats” would withstand a wash cycle on forty degrees.

When I first put the hoodie on I was immediately looking for the headphone jack so I could plug in my iPod.  In the end I managed to find it tucked away in the left side pocket.  All the wires are stitched into the hoodie’s lining, which is appreciated as you won’t be dealing with tangled wires.  There’s a control panel built into the left side chest area and it allows you to play/pause music and switch between listening through the earphones or speakers.  The earphones are housed in the hood, along with the speakers, and can be zipped away in a purpose built pocket.  Another clever design is the inclusion of a micrphone, so the hoodie can also double as a hands-free kit should your phone be plugged in.

Having looked at the Scruffs website and read the description for the hoodie, I see that it’s intended market is for those who work outdoors in a trade and I can totally see why it would benefit that demographic.  I’m not sure though whether customers would be willing to part with £60.00 of their hard earned cash, but if you want a better deal then look at the Terra Dac Tools website as they are selling a limited amount for £49.94.  If you know of any men who work in a job where they use music to get through a job, then this may be the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

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