How to turn your child’s bedroom into a Wonderland

When it comes to designing a child’s bedroom, you can definitely have a lot of fun and give yourself loads of creative freedom. After all, is there any other room in your home besides this one that will really allow you to let your imagination run wild without people looking at you strangely when they come over to see you? Plus, creating a dynamic and exciting bedroom for your children will help them be more creative and use their imagination, which is a vitally important component of growing up into competent and artistic adults.

One way to really have a good time designing your child’s bedroom and create a space that he or she will absolutely love to be in with friends or solo is by transforming it into a wonderland out of one of the many famous fairytales that children love. Continue reading to learn some tips and ideas that will help you accomplish this goal.

A Closet to Narnia The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis is one of the most beloved children’s stories, so if your child loves it, why not bring a little bit of magic from the book into his or her room? Cut out the back of a wardrobe closet and, if you can, place it near the entrance to your child’s bedroom so that he or she can move through it into the magical world that lies within. This is definitely a fun way to bring a bit of this fantastical story to life while giving your children a chance to really use their imagination.

Alice in Wonderland Doors Remember the tiny doors that Alice was able to get through when she shrank down to the size of a mouse? You can recreate that concept by concealing wall outlets with tiny doors that mirror the ones that she went through in the story. This creative idea is not only fun for your children, but it will also keep little ones safe if you worry about them getting hurt by the electricity in the outlet.

Decorate the Walls According to a Theme Once you choose the theme for your child’s bedroom, or you let your son or daughter choose it on his or her own, one of the best ways to bring it to life is by focusing on the walls. Painting scenes from a favourite story and incorporating the colours that are associated with a character are two ways to begin to transform the room into a dreamlike wonderland. If you are really good, or you have a very artistic friend, you can even paint a mural on the wall that depicts a famous scene from your child’s favourite story.

Have Fun with Furniture Paint an otherwise plain chair in a variety of colours and patterns to mimic the one that the Mad Hatter used in Alice in Wonderland. Or you can simply add a swing to the space or add small twinkle lights behind a sheer fabric that can hang over your child’s bed to mimic the stars in the night sky. You can search for furniture at, where you can find a variety of styles that may work perfectly as-is or that you can alter to your own needs and preferences.

Hang Clouds To make your children feel like they can always reach for the sky and accomplish whatever their heart’s desire, consider adding some clouds to the room. You can create your own clouds that you can hang from the ceiling for a realistic effect, or you can paint them onto the walls if you want to take an easier approach.

Bring the Forest Inside…Or Go for an Ocean Theme Instead Most good fairytales happen in the forest, where the woodland creatures are friendly, the sun is always shining, and the greenery that surrounds the characters is rich and comforting. Paint a large tree on one wall and have the branches reach high up and extend onto the ceiling. Add murals that contain your child’s favourite animals that played lead roles in his or her favourite stories, such as Bambi and Thumper. Another route you can take is transforming the bedroom into an underwater world like the one The Little Mermaid portrayed.