Schleich DC Comics Justice League – Superman VS Darkseid

Schleich figures are always well made and feature fantastic detail so it was no surprise that the DC Comics Justice League figures looked so spectacular when they arrived in my house earlier this week.
Alison is a huge superhero fan and has a range of different figures but these are unlike anything she already owns. Schleich figures are completely moulded so there are no moving parts to break and they are all painted to a really high standard. They have a variety of figures available and when you get the single figures they can also come in a selection of poses.

We were sent the _Superman VS DarkSeid Scenery pack which means we got two figures which we can use to act out a battle.

We don’t really watch the Justice League yet so we were not sure who DarkSeid was but just looking at him you know he is not a very nice person. He is a really robust chunky character with a face of pure evil.
Superman is ready to fly into battle in a bid to save the city and this figure really captures the imagination.

As with all the Schleich products we have been really impressed with the attention to detail and the girls have both had great fun acting out a variety of different scenes and I have not had to worry about reattaching arms or the figures getting broken. A fantastic set, the problem is Alison has now requested that we get even more.