Back to school with NICI

The kids are nearly about to break up for the summer holidays and already we are planning what we need for them to go back to school. It doesn’t seem as though any of their uniform will still fit them as they have both shot up this year and as Elizabeth is going into year 3 she won’t get free school dinners any more which means we need a lunch bag for her too.

It also seems that going in to year 3 is a big step and the time that she needs to start thinking about taking her own stationary with her so when I was offered some back to school products from NICI I jumped at the chance. NICI produce lots of amazing plush products as well as some fabulous stationary that all include som fantastic designs which kids and growns up enjoy.

Our favourite item has to be the Timmy Time backpack.  This gorgeous plush backpack has an elasticated neck and is held shut with a magnetic clasp. The straps are easy to adjust and it is the perfect size for the girls. He is very touchable and just looks fantastic.
This plush roll pencil case has loads of space inside to keep all of the stationary and the elasticated bits on the flap ensure that certain items are easy to access at all times. We have been storing the scissors we were sent in one of the bigger loops but as they vary in size you can try out different places for different items.
The Kangaroo tin of coloured pencils is Elizabeth’s favourite. She loves new stationery and apart from a new notebook, new colouring pencils are her favourite item to receive. These are even more special as they are double sided meaning she gets two colours in one pencil.
Alison loves the scissors we were sent and I have to say I am quite partial myself. They are lovely and sharp and feature a really cute crocodile pattern along the blades.
As you can see the NICI designs are so cute and the quality of the products are fantastic. If you are looking for a back to school range check out more of their designs on the Great Gizmos website.