Ready for bed with Worlds Apart Ready Beds.

A few weeks ago we were sent two of the Worlds Apart ready beds. Now we had these in the past when the girls were a lot younger and they were great for when they went to stay at the grandparents house overnight but this time we have something else in mind. With an upcoming camping trip to Camp Bestival and our first time sleeping in a tent as a family, we decided that Ready beds would be perfect for the girls. With the fabulous new designs and Alison’s current love of Star Wars we knew we were on to a winner before they even arrived but we really didn’t expect what happened next.
After getting the Ready beds out of the box (I am always amazed they fit inside!) and blowing them up I can really tell the difference between the designs from a few years ago. The place to insert the pump is a lot easier to access and the pillow area looks a lot more comfortable. The zip seems to go down a lot further than I can remember which is really good for getting in and out.
I took the above photos whilst the kids were at school and as soon as they came back they couldn’t wait to jump in. With the tv on and the kids snuggled in their ready beds I went to make dinner in the kitchen. On my return I found this.
It seems that the Ready Beds are really pretty comfortable! Either that or they had both had a very long day. Both girls have since put the Ready Beds in their bedrooms and Alison has taken to sneaking out of her bed and into her Ready Bed in the middle of the night. It’s done really well and hasn’t needed to be blown up again yet. Elizabeth’s, unfortunately, got a puncture after she decided to jump on it like a bouncy castle but luckily each Ready Bed comes with an adhesive patch that allows you to repair it if your child is as reckless as mine.

The Ready Beds are easy to inflate, comfortable, made of comfy washable material, have great designs and they fold down fairly small. They are a great product to use for sleepovers, camping or even just for a bit of fun.