Crafty for a chance to win

I am not crafty, my brain doesn’t work that way
but maybe just maybe I could do this I say
Maybe just maybe I was in for a chance
maybe just maybe I could dance the dance.
Could I be crafty for the chance to win?
To take a metre of fabric and a creation to spin
A creation that would wow all of the judges
I looked at craft blogs with all sorts of grudges.
So I thought and I thought and an idea appeared
then as quick as a flash boom it had disappeared.
So I thought and I thought a little bit more
but then I had a thought that I just had to store.
Not pretty or complex or girly or for show
something I would use that’s what I know
A metre of fabric goes an awful long way
when you plan and you think for many a day.
I planned and I thought these thoughts in my head
and stayed up sewing when I should be in bed
I cut and I stitched and I tried ever so hard
and I didn’t even use a pattern card.
My creations were starting to look alright
then I saw the competition and my chest went tight
Everyone is so talented and it all looks amazing
The quality of entries all need praising.
With the last finishing touches, I came to the end
and now its time to share and not to pretend
I am not a crafty person you can all agree
but I take on any challenge whole heartedly
To create something wonderful with just one metre
I tried my best although it could be neater
So here are my creations for you to see
I have finished sewing with a shout of glee
A reversible camera bag, a lens cover and a tablet case
A pull string bag and a folder to keep my cables in place.
Each of them padded to protect the contents
its all safe inside free from scratches or dents.
I took them on holiday and they came in handy
protecting my gadgets from getting all sandy
I might not win and I am ok with that
I made something I will use and that is a fact
Something that looks lovely and I want to shout loud
I made it, I made it and I am ever so proud
So thank you Hillarys for the competition
I look forward to hearing the judges decision