Dear Elizabeth, today you are 7

I can not believe that you are now 7 years old. I remember holding you in my arms for the very first time and looking down on you in those first few weeks and months and thinking, I made that. In fact, Daddy and I always used to say that to each other. Each time you did something new or made us proud and you really do make us proud.

Did you realise that it has been 7 months since you stopped your treatment? I can’t believe how much it has flown by. There is still evidence that you were ill, you still get easily tired and struggle to walk far but to most people who look at you, they have no idea of the amazing battle you have faced and won. I could not be more in awe of you as you tackle each obstacle and each day as they come, knowing that if you just persevere you will win.

You have just had your SAT exams and although we have not yet got the results I know you have done well. Your Maths teacher tells me that you have an amazing brain for numbers and your little notes plastered all over the house show me just how far your English has come. In fact I have to be careful what I am writing down now as you read every single word over my shoulder. Your new found love of reading is amazing to see and I hope to continue to nurture this with books from some of my favourite childhood authors.

I love looking at you and seeing the young lady you are turning into and each and every time I look at you I think to myself “I made that” and my heart nearly bursts.

So here is to your seventh birthday and a whole year of adventures before your next one.