Reading Eggs – the quick way to improve your childs reading skills


About a month ago I had a worrying conversation with Elizabeth’s teach about her lack of reading skills. she has missed a lot of school and because she knew her letters when she went I have been very lax with her.

Thinking she was behind spurred me on to show them just what she can do. I signed her up to and I was lucky enough to be given a code for a five week free trial rather than the standard two weeks. (If you want to have a five week trial then enter this code UKB24MBT).

The difference has been amazing. We are not even three weeks into the trial and she has picked up on so many new words. Alison has also shown an interest in it and I am thinking to set her a login up on her tablet too.

Its great that the kids are not only learning but having fun too and they show almost as much pleasure in Reading Eggs as they do with Moshi Monsters and they love all the songs and praise that they get from it.

To think that Elizabeth has progressed so much is amazing and I will definitely be continuing the subscription once our free trial has run out. We have yet to go onto Maths Seeds because they have enjoyed this too much but when we do I will be sure to write about that too.