Cut the Rope – more than just a game


A few weeks ago we received a lovely bundle of Cut the Rope Goodies.

I was really impressed with the variety of them including the magazine, doodle book, joke book, sticker book, toys, magnets and more.

The Joke book and Doodle book were quickly squirreled away by Elizabeth and she has really enjoyed working her way through it. Some of the jokes don’t make much sense to her but I reckon a seven year old would love the humour. Her favourite joke is

Why did Om Nom take his doughnut to the dentist?

It needed a chocolate filling.

The doodle book on the other hand is fantastic and has really got her imagination going. Full of lots of different pictures that you need to complete including dot to dots she has had loads of fun with it.

I was really impressed with the magazine. Kids magazines now a days can be a complete rip off, consisting of only one story and pages and ages of adverts. This was not the case though, it has loads of activities, stories and puzzles. It included physics, spot the difference, a game, drawing and experiments and that is just in the last few pages. Add to that the free stationary goodies that came with it and I wouldn’t mind the kids buying this one.

We were sent the Cut the Rope goodies for the purpose of a review.