Acer Aspire V5 Touch screen laptop – otherwise known as the one I fell in love with.

Last month disaster stuck. My trust Acer laptop had a little accident and the screen was smashed. To help me out before I can fix it Acer came to the rescue and sent me the Acer Aspire V5 Touch to review for a few weeks.

Last week I had to say goodbye to it and it was a sad day in this house.

I love Acer anyway so one that had a larger screen than mine and enabled the girls to use it easily was fantastic.

Personally I didn’t use the touch screen that much as I am quite nifty with the tab buttons and a laptop mouse pad. Elizabeth however struggles with the mouse pad so she loved this laptop.

Using the touch screen whilst she played Reading eggs allowed her to complete the lessons quicker than when she had to use the mouse pad and this in turn made me realise how good she is. It seems that she was slowed down by my laptop not by the fact she didn’t know the answers.

Since I handed the laptop back I have bought a usb mouse for her to use but it is still not as cool as the touch screen. The next laptop I will be buying will definitely be a touch screen version.

There was one thing that I didnt like was something that Acer couldnt change. It ran Windows 8!

As a blogger who works well into the evening I did love the light up keyboard though and it meant that I could keep the lights off so Hubby could play his computer games or watch a movie and I could still see what I was writing.

All in all a fabulous laptop and one that is down on my Christmas list already. My old Acer is back up and running and although I am happy with it I now know what I am missing.