Ravensburger Teen Beach Movie Jigsaw


Teen Beach Movie has already become a huge hit in my house with the movie on demand and the soundtrack in the car so giving Elizabeth this Jigsaw puzzle was great.

This was her first XXL jigsaw and although she was sure that she would be unable to do it she persevered. With small pieces than she is used to she had to be a bit more gentle putting the pieces together but they were robust enough to withstand a little bit of rough handling.

Although most of the detail is in the centre of the puzzle there is enough detail around the edge to ensure that by paying attention the puzzle could be easily solved. She got a huge sense of accomplishment when she had finished and she then asked me to give away her baby puzzles as she can now do grown up ones.

Once again Ravensburger have provided us with a fantastic puzzle full of vibrant colours and great attention to detail on a puzzle with pieces that will last.