Disney Princess Dazzling Princess Game


Its pink, it has princesses on it and its all about jewellery. This game was a hit before Elizabeth even opened the box but what I wasn’t expecting was Alison’s love of the game too.

You take it in turns to take a card which will show you a picture that you have to use to guess the princess it relates too. There was also cards that you had to use to act our the princess for other people to guess.

Each player has a crown, bracelet and a ring that you have to fill with gems.

I do think that my girls must watch too many Disney films though as they hardly got any of them wrong and I was really impressed that even Alison knew the answers to some that I wasn’t sure about.


The jewellery pieces in the box are stored really well and they are made of a flexible plastic that allows the kids to put them on and not worry about snapping them. The headbands fit the girls and me so they are perfect for a family game.

The jewels snap on really easily and my only disappointment is that there are not enough of each colour to complete all four sets of jewellery which is something that my girls wanted to do.

The thing that the girls loved the best though was revealing the answer using the magic heart. My camera has changed the colour of the image below but this is a close up of where the heart is sat in the picture to the right.

You cant see the hidden image without the use of the heart which is unusual for this sort of thing as usually you can cheat and see the image with the naked eye.

All in all the Disney Princess Dazzling Princess game has fantastic playability for young kids and is a great test of memory and imagination.