Learning Resources – Green Toys Tugboat


When Learning Resources got in touch about reviewing the Green Toys Tugboat I did have to think twice. I mean the girls are getting older and although they still love playing with toys in the bath I wasn’t sure that a boat would really interest them that much.

However I kept reading the email and soon became intrigued not only with the boat but with Green Toys in general. A toy that is made from recycled material as well as having a multi purpose.

I love the spout on the front which is perfect for washing hair, especially for Elizabeth who has short hair but hates putting her head in the water. The handle has been built big enough for grown up hands to enable ease of use and yet even with teh spout it floats well and is a fantastic toy for the girls to play with too.

The boat is made of really sturdy plastic and feels as though it could last a long time and the girls have enjoyed using it over the last few weeks. It has become a teapot as well as a hair washer and they have even used it to wash each others hair.

I would definitely say that the Green Toys Tugboat is a must have bathing accessory for reluctant hair washers and with all the environmental qualities listed below it would satisfy the most Eco-friendly of parents.

*All products are derived from 100% recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials
*Earth-friendly, fully recyclable packaging that is easy for children and adults to open
*Contain no traceable amounts of Phthalates, BPA or PVC
*No external coatings or paint

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