Ravensburger Emoji XXL100 pc puzzle

When I was little (and actually even as I got older) I loved jigsaw puzzles. There is something satisfying about completing one and seeing the end result. I have wanted to pass this love of puzzles on to one of my girls just as I have passed on my love of reading to Alison. When I was asked if we wanted to review the Ravensburger Emoji XXL100 Piece puzzle I thought that it might be just what I need to convince Elizabeth to give it a go.

As with all Ravensburger puzzles the image on the front of the box was bright and enticing and certainly peaked her interest.

Emoji puzzle box

Aimed at children ages six years and over, the Ravensburger Emoji XXL100 piece puzzle is the ideal puzzle for both of my children to have a go at completing. We decided to do the puzzle as a family activity which soon turned from a good idea into utter chaos. Never offer to do a jigsaw puzzle with others if you are a bit of a puzzle perfectionist. Trying to explain to two young children why we had to do the corners and then the edges before they could put together the other pieces was enough to make me pull my hair out. Gone are the days of logical puzzle making, we herald the beginning of puzzle pandemonium. I have to say that it was not long before I had to back away from the mayhem and allow the children to continue their puzzle making in their own disorganised way.

I am not one to say I told you so (ok maybe I am) but after much frustration on their part, they finally succumbed to putting down the edges. After this, it wasn’t long before all of the pieces came together quickly to create the below puzzle. Seeing the girls work together as a team (and eventually admit that I was right) was lovely to see and they were really proud of their final creation.

As with all Ravensburger puzzles, the end result was brilliant. The image was lovely and clear, the pieces fitted together well and were on decent quality card stock meaning that it can be made again and again without showing wear.

Emoji puzzle done