Family Friendly Restaurants – Thaikhun

We love eating out as a family and trying new cuisines. Both of my girls are quite adventurous when it comes to trying new foods when eating out so when we were asked to review the kids menu at Thaikhun in Manchester I knew they were up for the challenge.

Thaikhun sign

On arrival at Thaikhun, the one thing that really stuck out was the amazing Thailand inspired decor including the little rickshaw that you can sit in at the entrance. The whole restaurant was decorated with bikes, pans and baskets that all added to the feeling that we had been transported away from Manchester.

Thaikhun decorations

The adult food menu was immense with so much to choose from I wish I could have tried a selection of everything (unfortunately the sharer platters and Pintos are a minimum of 2 people and it was just me with the girls) but what we were there for was to test out the children’s menu.


Thaikhun kids menu

The girls both love noodles but are not lovers of egg so we skipped the Phad Thai and Alison tried the Mix and Match Thai tray where she selected Jasmine rice, pork and sweet BBQ Sauce. Elizabeth opted for the fried chicken with jasmine rice.  These were served with a cup of vegetable sticks to start and then a choice of juice, water or milk to drink and a mini milk ice lolly for dessert. For £5.95 we thought that this was really good value for money and the portions were perfect for the girls who are 6 and 8 although I would worry that an 11-year-old would still be hungry and this menu is suitable up to 12 years of age.

 kids pork and rice Thaikhun kids chicken and rice

Now both dinners were delicious and the kids really enjoyed them but I would have hoped to have had the option for something a little bit more adventurous on the menu, especially as the adult menu is so good. Our one issue with the kid’s meals is the fact that it was served on plastic. Elizabeth was served her rice and chicken in a bowl the shape of Winnie the poohs head and at 8 years old she was not impressed. Alison was bemused by the plastic cutlery that was served with hers which came on a plastic tray. As we eat out a lot it has been a long time since they were given such young crockery and it would have been good to have either been given the option or for it to be clear on the menu so we could ask for normal plates and cutlery.

Going against such young crockery, the kids activity packs were a Nat Geo kids magazine and a portion of dried bugs which we were  told we could eat if we wanted to so obviously the kids made me try them before refusing to do the same! These made for a great kids pack and perfectly targeted at the age that the girls are at.

Thaikhun bugs


As well as the kids food I managed to treat myself to a portion of Tod Man Pla (Deep fried fish cakes, flavoured with red curry paste and fine beans. Served with peanuts, a cucumber relish and sweet chilli sauce) and a Massaman Gai (A curry flavoured with cinnamon and star anise, cooked with chicken, potatoes, onion and cashew nuts). Both of these dishes were amazing and just make me want to go back to Thaikhun very soon to try out even more of their menu and see what other fabulous foods they have on offer.