Bedroom upgrade – From babyish to grown up girl

When we first moved into our house just over 5 years ago Elizabeth’s bedroom was the first one to be decorated. She loved Dora the Explorer so I bought some wall stickers and painted green grass and blue sky and a lovely bright rainbow on the wall. Ever since then we have just updated the stickers to keep in touch with her current interests. In fact, the last time we did a makeover on Elizabeth’s room was just over two years ago when I managed to get her cabin bed for a bargain 99p on eBay. I am not surprised that Elizabeth has finally requested a bedroom upgrade.

This time round Elizabeth has asked that we completely redecorate and update some of her furniture too. Her current bedroom is a bit chaotic with mismatched furniture and not a lot of storage space so this is something we will have to change.

For the furniture, I am looking for some good quality wooden drawers to store all of her clothes but also one that is wide enough to place the TV on top. I love the look of the Essential Pine range from Quercus Living and I would choose the 3 over 4 chest of drawers for her main clothes storage and I would match it up with the Essentials Pine blanket box for all of her teddys and the essentials pine dressing table set which comes with a matching mirror and a stool to really make her feel grown up. This will enable me to get rid of the current tv unit and the plastic drawers and canvas shelf unit she is currently using. It will be nice to have furniture that all matches and that is close in colour to her bed and shelves.

For the wall decorations, she has requested that we create a feature wall of Pug wallpaper and has chosen one from B&Q that is really cute. She would then have the other three walls in a matching colour, we are thinking that a pink would work nicely and it would also go well with her current curtains and lamp shade meaning I won’t have to replace them.

pug wallpaper

When it comes to accessories she has gone pug overload and wants bedding, cushions, rugs and anything else pug related she can get her hands on.

pug bedding

So I will be spending the next week trying to do a fabulous bedroom upgrade, whilst simultaneously entertaining the kids and keep up with my work. Follow me on Instagram to see how I get on

2 thoughts on “Bedroom upgrade – From babyish to grown up girl”

  1. What is it with girls and the pug obsession as my 10 year old is the same. Good luck with the bedroom upgrade. We did my daughters room last year and it has a much more grown up feel now which will hopefully see her through the teenage years x

  2. Good luck with the room upgrade, I have offered to redecorate my sons room as we did it over 5 years ago, but being male and a creature of habit he wants it to stay the same 🙁 enjoy painting, and look forward to seeing the results.

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