Ristorante Pizza

I am not a great frozen pizza lover and basically if I want a pizza I want a proper one, delivered to my door piping hot. However I struggle to find a decent thin crust pizza that can be delivered. I always prefer thin crust pizzas because that way I dont have to worry about the amount of calories going on top of the pizza because I know i have been good with the base.

Dr Oetker Ristorante pizzas sent me a press release that states that they are the only pizza in the frozen aisle to recreate an italian pizzeria taste at home. Well with statements like that I had to give them a try. I was sharing this pizza for lunch with Alison so I went for a ham and pineapple (Hawaii) pizza.

As with most pizza boxes you think the pizza has a great amount of toppings on it, with this one I wasn’t that disappointed.
There is only one way to show you the crispness of this pizza and that is by holding it up in the air and testing the floppiness.
Seen as Alison devoured hers and I cleaned my plate I would say that this is definitely a thumbs up for frozen pizzas in our house and at only £2.79 it would save me a fortune on take aways.