Faking Christmas


Last years Christmas Tree

Last year I was hard at work arranging an office move and I had two happy healthy little girls, this year is slightly different.

I no longer work so Christmas will not be as extravagant as previous years but we are together as a family and although Elizabeth is still under treatment she is doing really well.

As a special treat this year we will be going to Butlins to spend Christmas day with Billy Bear. This does mean that we won’t be spending Christmas day at home.

Today we wrote a letter to Santa asking if just this once he could bring our Christmas Presents to our house early as there is no way I will be able to pack the girls Christmas Presents to take them to Butlins with us. We are putting our tree up this weekend and we will be having Christmas at home with friends on 16th Decvember, the weekend after we will start our journey to Butlins spending a few days with my family before heading back home just before new year. I hope that this will be a brilliant Christmas for the girls and for us as a family.

Fingers crossed that Elizabeth doesn’t spike a temperature x